5 Future-Proof Insights on
Safety, Quality, and the Future of Healthcare

COVID-19 forced healthcare leaders to look at care delivery through a different lens. Dr. Jonathan Gleason, Executive Vice President and Chief Quality Officer at Jefferson Health, is one of the transformative leaders sharing advice and lessons learned to drive positive change across the industry. 

Dr.Gleason_Thumnail_FinalIn a 1:1 SwipeSeries interview, Dr. Gleason shared his insights on the future of healthcare, including: 

  • Why safety is now the gateway to commerce
  • How leaders can have the most impact post-pandemic 
  • The value in building a better operating model

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"The pace of complex and critical decision-making was extreme. I can tell you that what we just went through was not a corporate exercise. It was a human crisis. It was a profoundly human experience.”

- Dr. Jonathan Gleason, Executive Vice President & Chief Quality Officer, Jefferson Health


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